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Game, sport and human movement – according to their wide range of subjects sports sciences are understood as an interdisciplinary discipline with interfaces to numerous other sciences such as biomechanics, sports ecology, movement science or sports computer science. Within this thematic and methodological diversity, the currently 64 higher education institutions have each developed their own individual profiles, so that students willing to study today have access to a wide range of different topics. There is no such thing as a “unitary study” sports science. Rather, the degree programs usually have special profiles and stress after a basic, broad education in the first semesters of study different priorities that are geared towards work. Different Bachelor’s (B.A.) and Master’s (M.A.) degree programs lead to both state (teaching) and academic degrees.

Master and Bachelor in Sports Science

After a basic education in the context of the bachelor’s program, the master’s and teacher’s studies (with a scientific second subject) offer the opportunity to specialize in content and to enter a wide range of career opportunities. While the degree programs focus on the teaching profession, depending on the degree and type of education desired, graduates are no longer limited to jobs in fitness and wellness centers or sports clubs. Today, they are sought-after specialists in fields as diverse as sports journalism, sports tourism or the leisure industry, in clinics and rehabilitation centers, in community or private health-oriented institutions (prevention, rehabilitation, disabled sports) and, of course, in competitive sports or university research and teaching.

In order to recognize one’s own interests and to develop the appropriate professional opportunities at an early stage, care should be taken to establish practice contacts in some of the areas already mentioned during the studies.

At many locations, sports-related proficiency examinations must be completed before the start of studies in order to be admitted to the degree program. Appointments and requirements will be announced on the websites of the sports science higher education institutions.

In order to research suitable literature, which helps with the orientation for the sport scientific study, the literature list of the German association for sports science can consult.

Our sport-scientific ghostwriter

For those students who need substantive or methodical support in the preparation of their seminar or thesis, our sports-science ghostwriters with their broad expertise are on hand. They have a high level of methodical and statistical competence and undertake the evaluation and interpretation of e.g. own surveys and measurements. This gives them time to focus on the practical side of sports science.

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