Ghostwriter in Linguistics

The possible fields of activity of trained linguists are extremely varied: they range from adult education to speech therapy and computer linguistics. In the study of linguistics, students are concerned with human language ability and its numerous manifestations – that is, the different languages ​​of the world. They compare languages ​​or examine the relationship between them. They also explore their historical development or reconstruct ancient scriptures.

Examples of other topics are

  • Origin, origin and development of languages
  • Components and units of languages
  • Application of language (for example communication or perception)
  • Rhetoric, semantics, phonetics and pragmatics
  • Language comparison and language systems

During the study, foreign languages ​​can usually be learned; sometimes the studies are even tied to a particular philology, such as English or Romance studies.

The bachelor’s program linguistics is often a minor subject, but can also be taken as an independent major subject. At the beginning, knowledge in rhetoric, semantics and pragmatics is usually imparted, followed by areas such as language systems or language comparisons on the curriculum. Papers, presentations, retreats, and term papers are among the services required of students to earn credits. Often a semester abroad is compulsory. It usually takes seven semesters to complete the Bachelor’s degree.

In the master’s program, a focus must be selected in the field of linguistics. These may be, for example, a particular language family or specific thematic areas such as language processing or phonetics. To obtain the master, three semesters have to be completed.

Many graduates work in education after completing their studies, teaching at schools and other institutions. Foreign languages. Others go to language promotion, research, work as interpreters or in archives, libraries or publishers.

Our linguistic ghostwriters can handle all areas of expertise in this field – be it in general linguistics, such as German studies, Romance languages ​​or English, but also in applied linguistics, which is based on the foundations of linguistics. Historical linguistics are also among the competence areas of our experts.

Ask us, we are happy to provide our expertise.

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