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As an independent science, theater science is a relatively young, humanistic discipline – it is literally science of the theater, which is why it is sometimes also called theater research. Therefore, it is not to be confused with a practical theater training to appropriate occupations or even to the actor. Practical exercises are certainly part of the study.

On the one hand, theater science treats the essence of theater and all areas of artistic stage performance. In addition, the history of theater is of interest, but also individual areas in terms of theater, stage design, directing or playing technique and so on. In addition to the speech theater, students can treat drama, musical theater, dance, performance, figure and object theater, children’s and youth theater. Including film, radio and television, theater studies are expanding into media studies.

In the bachelor’s program students acquire theoretical-analytical and historical-critical basic knowledge and deal with history, analysis, methodology, theory and aesthetics in all theatrical branches. This allows them to analyze artistic texts, performances, other theater events and cultural phenomena. They can also study historical sources and texts and interpret them from different theoretical perspectives.

The master’s program builds on the understanding of theater and theater studies and encompasses the diversity of all theatrical forms in history and the present. It enables advanced students to acquire in-depth and in-depth knowledge of historical and theoretical discourses of theater, the aesthetics and concepts of (contemporary) theater, interdisciplinary art and media studies or theater as an institution. The intensive scientific examination of the subject matter and the independent application of profound factual and methodical knowledge and skills also allow the development of own research approaches with individual focus during the independent and reflected scientific work. The Master’s program does not only qualify for university research and teaching, but also for a broad spectrum of employment fields in the theater, cultural and media sectors.

Our ghostwriters and experts in the field of theater and film have a high level of methodological competence. You know the current scientific discussion in order to be able to classify your topic accordingly and to be able to work on a high level.

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